A little bit about me

A little bit about me

My first blog entry was just a bit about what I’m planning to do with this blog, and what I hope to achieve (and document) in the near future, so I thought for my second entry it might be an idea to tell you a bit about myself …

Nearly 30 and still no clue…

I am extremely lucky to have an amazing and very talented boyfriend who I am head over heels for who has put up with me for nearly 18 months now and whom I’m hoping to rope in to doing some collaborations with me on here, family and friends who I love but a lot of whom live too far away, especially as I can’t drive, and wish I could see more often.

I love performances, either watching others showcase their immense skills or me getting on stage and trying not to make a fool out of myself with singing, acting, or dancing (as long as I’ve had extensive practice first). I love to watch films, listen to music, read books, learn new skills, try new things, going for picnics, random days out, going camping, going to the beach, travelling, shopping, eating, I love to bake things, make crafty bits, scrapbooking (when I finally get around to putting them all together), homemade presents or photo gifts are quite common from me, or Disney themed because I’m a little obsessed with the world of Disney/Pixar and kids films in general really…

As the title of this might give away, I am nearing 30 (I turned 26 in May) and I still have no fixed idea about what it is I want to do for a career or in my life in general, I have lots of ideas of what I might want to do but nothing concrete just yet. I’ve completed a degree, attempted teaching, actor training, management training and still have no idea what path I should be on…

I have worked in retail/hospitality/customer service jobs for the last 10 years or so and fancied a change, something that could challenge me but also free up some of my time so I can pretend to be more sociable again, so as I am starting this blog I am about to begin my first steps in a new line of work, not sure if it’s the definitive career for me but we’ll see as things progress. I’m moving from jobs where I could be working anytime 8am-11pm (sometimes in it’s entirety with only a one hour break…), Monday-Sunday including bank holidays, getting very stressed for very little money, to an office job where the shifts are shorter, open hours are less, I won’t have to work every Saturday and the ones I do are only half days, I will have every Sunday and every evening off, my feet won’t hate me as much, I can hopefully get my body clock and sleep patterns back to normal and I will be earning more money. I can’t wait 🙂

I love buying new stationary (sad I know, but I do), I also love lists, I always have a massive to do list then stress when it’s not all ticked off asap. I over think pretty much everything, to quite an annoying level actually :/ I still don’t know how people have put up with me as long as they have to be honest (sorry guys and gals), I am extremely grateful to those who have stuck it out though ^_^ love you.

As you can probably tell from this post so far and my previous blog entry I’m a bit of a rambler, I talk a lot but I will try not to bore you with my ramblings too often, and on that note I’m going to let you go back to whatever it was you were doing before you started reading this.

I hope you have fun reading about my endeavours and getting ever closer to the next milestone- the big 3-0.

Until next time. TTFN

(for those of you who did not grow up with Winnie-The-Pooh, this means “ta ta for now” or see you soon)

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